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Wall mount with receptacle & base

Wall mount with receptacle & base

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Discover our high-quality wall mount for the table, which is finished in an elegant silver anodized finish. This wall mount not only offers maximum stability, but also practical functionality for your mobile living space.

The horizontal movement of the rail is firmly blocked to ensure that your table remains stable and secure in its position. Nevertheless, raising the table top allows for comfortable and effortless movement in either direction. This innovative design combines safety and ease of use to give you a comfortable and efficient experience in your camper van or caravan. Discover the advantages of our wall mounts for the table and optimize the space in your mobile home.


  1. Slide rail (length 500 mm or 1000 mm)
  2. 2 x end pieces
  3. Lower grid for fixation
  4. Plate carrier
  5. Stand

The product photos are generated for display purposes only. We ship the product groups individually (without assembly service). You have to do the final assembly yourself. This item does not include a table top.

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