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Camper table height adjustable with twist & shift "Anna"

Camper table height adjustable with twist & shift "Anna"

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Discover our height-adjustable motorhome table “Anna”, which offers a variety of practical functions. This innovative table frame not only allows for infinite height adjustment, but also has 360 degree rotation and table displacement with central locking. To ensure maximum stability and safety, the base plate of this table frame must be firmly attached to the vehicle floor at six points.

With our height-adjustable motorhome table "Anna" you get a flexible and versatile solution for your caravan interior. No matter whether you want to use the table for meals, work or leisure activities, "Anna" adapts perfectly to your needs. Experience comfort and adaptability in your caravan and enjoy the functionality of this high-quality table frame.

Please only use the bed building function when retracted.


  • Particularly suitable for motorhomes
  • Infinitely height adjustable via button
  • 360° rotation
  • Transverse and longitudinal displacement
  • light angular pipe cover

Technical data:

  • Color anthracite
  • Extendable: 335-715mm
  • Transverse and longitudinal displacement: 300 and 370 mm
  • ø base: 190 mm
  • Maximum table top size: 950 x 750 mm
  • Dimensions: 597 x 513 x 335-715 mm

Note: Delivery without fastening material such as screws etc.

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