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Caravan table frame height adjustable “Ina”

Caravan table frame height adjustable “Ina”

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Caravan table frame “Ina”

Discover the versatile caravan table frame "Ina", which is not only height-adjustable, but also serves as an ideal space-saving solution for your caravan.

With "Ina" you get a table frame that adapts to your individual needs and makes optimal use of the limited space in your caravan. Whether you need the table for meals, game nights or for work, "Ina" offers flexibility and functionality in a compact design. Experience the practical solution of this caravan table frame and make your living space even more comfortable and efficient while on the move.


  • height adjustable
  • Square pipe cover

Technical data:

  • Color: cast gray
  • Material: steel
  • Lower height to bottom edge of table top: 320 mm
  • Top height to bottom edge of table top: 695 mm
  • Stroke path: 375 mm
  • Dimensions: 344 x 342 x 320-695 mm

A notice: Delivery without table top and fastening material such as screws, etc.

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