Motorhome table frames

Discover the exclusive motorhomes
Table frames from Ilse-Technik, now conveniently available online from us.
Experience the market leader's outstanding lift systems and give your
Motorhome an innovative and comfortable equipment.

Our motorhome table frames from
Ilse technology not only offers the highest quality and reliability, but also...
also the latest technology that makes traveling in your motorhome even more pleasant
designed. With the innovative lift systems you can lift your table top effortlessly
and move flexibly to the desired height, creating the perfect living space for
create you.

Motorhome table height adjustable with twist & shift “Lisa”

The "Lisa" table frame offers a special level of comfort with its stepless height adjustment and the 360-degree rotation feature.

In addition, the X&Y rotation allows you high flexibility in your mobile home or camper van.


Motorhome table height adjustable with twist & shift “Anna”

Discover the unlimited combination possibilities of the "Anna" lift frame with its X/Y sliding displacement. The angular tube panel and the stepless height adjustment
make it perfect for a dynamic and modern dining experience.


Height-adjustable caravan table “Ina”

Our free-standing caravan table “Ina” impresses with its easy height adjustment.

Our “Ina” frame is also ideal for use in caravans, motorhomes and camper vans


Height-adjustable caravan table “Jana”

The free-standing “Jana” table frame has stepless height adjustment included.

Visually, this table frame has a clear design and round decorative elements.


"Julia" table frame

Exclusively in our shop the table frame for all caravan enthusiasts. This is currently the most space-saving version on the market.

Small, Sturdy & Good Looking. Everything you need to know about the "Julia" table frame.